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Forthcoming Titles
The Heroes of Olympus Book Five
Rick Riordan
Hardcover | Oct 2014
on order $19.99
(releases Oct 7 2014)

The Rosie Effect #1
Graeme Simsion
Paperback | Sep 2014
on order $19.99
(releases Sep 30 2014)

Edge of Eternity
Ken Follett
Hardcover | Sep 2014
on order $42.00
(releases Sep 16 2014)

Stone Mattress
Margaret Atwood
Hardcover | Sep 2014
on order $29.95
(releases Sep 9 2014)

Adult Onset
Ann-Marie Macdonald
Hardcover | Sep 2014
on order $32.00
(releases Sep 30 2014)

Dashing Through the Snow
Helaine Becker
Hardcover | Oct 2014
on order $16.99
(releases Oct 1 2014)

James Frey
Hardcover | Oct 2014
on order $24.99
(releases Oct 7 2014)

This Changes Everything
Naomi Klein
Hardcover | Sep 2014
on order $36.95
(releases Sep 16 2014)

The Back Of The Turtle
Thomas King
Hardcover | Sep 2014
on order $33.99
(releases Sep 2 2014)

Whitewater Cooks with Passion
Shelley Adams
Paperback | Sep 2014
on order $34.95
(releases Sep 15 2014)


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We are incredibly appreciative of the community support we receive and would like to shine a spotlight on these booklovers. For our first feature we spoke with Lee Trentadue, President of the BC Booksellers Association and owner of Galiano Island Books, in anticipation of her 5th annual Galiano Literary Festival, returning on February 21st to 23rd.   


Lee Trentadue has long supported the book community, although it was her daughter Mary who inspired her to open Galiano Island Books - the first bookstore on the island. Trentadue's initial introduction to the local community was through a questionairre, inquiring about the categories of books people would like to see. The community responded positively, and the bookstore now features works from authors in the Gulf Islands, throughout British Columbia, and across Canada. Readers have shown extraordinary support for nearly two decades and additionally, the Galiano Library - which opened after Galiano Island Books - has proven to be an excellent partner in hosting author readings.


She explains that "being a part of a community of booksellers is very important" and that the BC Booksellers Association has shown tremendous support for her ideas, as has the Canada Council. And so, after attending the ABA Winter Institute one year and hearing a fellow booksellers' story, Trentadue founded the Galiano Literary Festival. Despite growing in stature, it has retained its charm - "people seem to actually like the intimacy of the Festival." With fewer outlets for publishers to send authors to, this type of environment is crucial for maintaining culture in BC and throughout the nation. The BC Book Prizes recognizes this need, but Trentadue notes that just "the fact there is a showcase is a big deal." We think the 3-day Festival is a big deal too, with its first ever red carpet, a sold out dinner, and readings by esteemed writers such as Audrey Thomas, Jack Hodgins, Grant Lawrence, and the Bowering trio: George, Thea and Marilyn. Find more details at:


New Releases
Margaret Atwood
Paperback | Aug 2014
in store $22.00

The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, Fifth Edition
Paperback | Aug 2014
in store $10.95

We Are Water
Wally Lamb
Paperback | Aug 2014
in store $21.00

Lucky Peach Issue 12
David Chang
Paperback | Aug 2014
in store $14.50

The Organized Mind
Daniel J Levitin
Hardcover | Aug 2014
in store $30.00

Lonely Planet New York City 9th Ed.
Lonely Planet
Paperback | Aug 2014
in store $26.99

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Holly Black
Paperback | Aug 2014
in store $11.00

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